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John Teal

Big, Deep, Resonant, Baritone, Gravitas, Trusted, Fatherly, Mature, Authoritative, Sensual, Warm


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Commercial Demo / Tin Cup Whiskey

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Gravitas / grah-vi-tahs / : Some people have an authority--a presence, which is often called gravitas.
It is defined as "A seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings in others of respect, confidence, and trust."

John Teal

With a background in both Engineering and the Arts, John has a deep understanding of the topics he undertakes, to better illuminate and inform your audiences. John Teal has produced effective eLearning and rich interactive web-based training for Fortune 500 companies and the US Military for more than 20 years.

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Audio Book / F-14 Gunslinger 201
Audio Book / Uprooted by War
Audio Book / End of the World
Audio Book / BattlefieldZ
John Teal

Eloquent, Intelectual,
Experienced, Gentleman,
Articulate, Continental,
Smooth, Authoritative,
Erudite, Sophisticated.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Pharma docs, web-based eLearning for K12 virtual distance learning, online scholastic training, business B2B sales training, business development presentations, broadcast science and natural history documentaries.